30 April 2019
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Q. What are bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers?

A. Inhalers are efficient when they're used correctly, but up to 94% of people who use them don't do so in the proper manner. Enter Bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers. These devices are designed to detect inhaler use, remind patients to use their medication, encourage proper use of the device, and gather data about a patient's inhaler use that can help guide care. Each time the inhaler is used, it records the date, time, place, and whether the dose was correctly administered.Add-on devices, which clip to existing inhalers and send data to a smartphone app, are now available. Clinical trials have found that participants used less reliever medication, had more reliever-free days, and improved overall asthma control. Companies like Novartis have developed smart inhal-ers for their devices (not yet available on the market). PUFFClicker attachments that attach onto traditional MDI devices are available to buy on Amazon for around €80. For more information, see www.activ8rlives.com 

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