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IT FAQs - General

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Copy and paste

Q. How easy is it to copy text into a different document? » read more

Cross-covering practices for holidays

The locum crisis has hit our area and three practices met recently to look at options for the summer holidays. We hope to cross-cover each other's holidays. I'm looking for advice whether we need any extra precautions with the advent of GDPR. » read more

Digital assistant in the home

Q. Any thoughts on new gadgets for home and leisure? » read more

Electricity bills

Q. The electricity bills for the practice premises have soared over the past year. Could it be due to all the electronic equipment we use? » read more

Formatting Word Documents

Q. I am writing up a report and need to paste text from several different Word documents. They all have different formatting and when I paste some text, everything goes wild. Any advice? » read more

GPIT accreditation

Q. Just wondering about GP practice software systems and the accreditation they are given by GPIT. Is it a legal requirement, best practice or a recommendation? » read more

Health insurance company requests

Q. A patient of mine recently had a procedure in a private hospital. Her insurer is now requesting further information from me. Have they a right to this? » read more

IT Expenses

Q. Why should we spend money on information technology in health? » read more

IT Support in the Practice

Q. One of the GP partners is a whiz at computers, but when he is on holidays minor problems remain unsolved. Any advice? » read more

IT resolutions for the new year

Q. What are the main IT issues I should focus on this year? » read more

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