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IT FAQs - General

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Laser Printers

Q. Our practice inkjet printer is giving trouble and needs replacement. Any advice on good models? » read more

Making improvements in your practice

Q. If I wished to improve information technology in the practice in 2015, what should I concentrate on? » read more

Maternal and Newborn Clinical Management System (MN-CMS)

Q. Has MN-CMS gone live for shared care antenatal messaging between GPs and maternity hospitals? » read more

Maternity Claim Form

Q. The practice nurse has drawn my attention to a new maternity claim form. Why has the claim form been changed? » read more

Medical devices for patients

Q. Can you recommend any medical devices for younger patients? » read more

Nursing home clinical information systems

Q. I continue to care for some of my long-term patients who are now resident in nursing homes. Some nursing homes have information systems, but they tend not to be GP friendly. Is there any way to improve this situation? » read more

Old paper files

Q. We are trying to reclaim some office space and wish to scan and shred some boxes of old paper records. These paper records are rarely used but contain information on children and pregnancies that need to be retained. Any advice? » read more

Password Protected Files

Q. Sometimes I need to email occupational medicine (and indeed other) reports to clients who aren't on Healthmail. Is it sufficient to password protect the document (it is an attachment in Word form)? » read more

Portable Document Format

Q. What is a PDF? » read more

Practice software company acquisitions

Q. What is the story with acquisitions of GP practice software companies? » read more

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