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IT FAQs - General

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Research projects

Q. Do I need a patient's consent to enrol them in research? » read more

Retirement or death

Q. I am a single-handed GP who is retiring shortly and facilitating a new doctor who has been appointed to my GMS list. What should I do with both my GMS and private patient records? » read more


Q. What is SNOMED-CT and why do I need to know about it? » read more

Second Monitor

Q. In what circumstances is a second computer monitor useful? » read more

Sitting is the new smoking

Q. Any thoughts on the use of standing desks in the workplace? » read more

Software and subscriptions for Christmas

Q. Any advice on last minute Christmas presents? » read more

Solicitor requests

Q. A solicitor has sent me a letter, with patient consent attached, requesting that I send the solicitor the entire patient record including third party correspondence. Am I ok to do this? » read more

Speech Recognition in the Practice

Q. What would you recommend for speech recognition software in practice? » read more

What to do with old paper records

Q. We have been a computerised practice for many years but continue to store some paper charts in a secure location on the premises. We want to destroy these charts to make space within our premises. How can we do this correctly? » read more

Work of the GPIT group

Q. What does the National General Practice Information Technology (GPIT) group do? » read more

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