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IT FAQs - Safety on the Internet

Log Me In

Q. I use LogMeIn to access my practice computer from home. Is this OK? » read more

Personal online privacy

Q. Often when I am browsing the internet, ads appear in the browser window related to previous searches or online purchases or holiday planning. I find these spooky. Is there any way I can stop them? » read more


Q. What advice is available on avoiding ransomware attacks? » read more


Q. What is ransomware? » read more

Time for a security review of your data

Q. Has the ransomware problem impacted on general practice? » read more

Use of Internet by Practice Staff

Q. I recently came across a staff member using a practice computer to book airline tickets over lunchtime. Should I be concerned about this? » read more

Wireless Network

Q. We have a wireless network in the practice that is password protected. A drug rep recently asked for the password to access her email. Is this ok? » read more

Zip and Unzip

Q. Someone sent me a zipped file. What is it and how do I open it? » read more

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