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IT FAQs - Internet Use

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App using artificial intelligence

Q. Any interesting health apps for the new year? » read more

Appropriate use of the internet

Q. Is it okay for the practice staff to use work computers to access the internet for personal use? » read more

Data in the Cloud

Q. What does it mean when people say their data is in 'The Cloud'? » read more

Dealing with 'Dr Google'

Q. Increasingly, patients are presenting for consultations armed with more information than you have in your head. This can invoke a range of emotions in the GP. Can you advise on how best to deal with 'Dr Google'? » read more

Digital assistants for healthcare

Q. When are we likely to see digital assistants for clinicians? » read more

Document Sharing

Q. I work with a committee that needs to share and edit documents. Is there a low cost way to do this online? » read more


Q. How useful is Dropbox in general practice? » read more

Dropbox for certain file sharing

Q. I know I can't put patient identifiable information into Dropbox. What can I use it for? » read more

Free antivirus software

Q. Is it ok to use free antivirus software for the practice computer system? » read more


Q. What is the best online source of medical advice during a consultation? » read more

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