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IT FAQs - Internet Use

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Searchable Repository

Q. I have an IT question that I know was answered in a past issue of Forum. Is there somewhere I can search for the question and answer? » read more

Searching for a word

Q. Sometimes I want to search for a specific word or words in a document or webpage. Is there an easy way to do this? » read more

Secure transfer of files

Q. What is the difference between http:// and https:// in web page addresses? I understand the extra 's' stands for secure. Is this important in the transfer of confidential information? » read more

Slack – in IT terms

Q. What is slack and has it any use in general practice? » read more

Validity of Medical Cards

Q. Is there a way to check online if a medical card is valid and a patient is eligible for services? » read more

eHealth Ireland as an information source

Q. Where can I get information on what is happening in eHealth in Ireland? » read more

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