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IT FAQs - Managing Information

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An eye to the future - digital diagnostics

Q. Digital diagnostics – a new concept in healthcare? » read more

Audit Trail

Q. What is an audit trail and what audit trail should a GP practice software system provide? » read more

Blockchain for health

Q. What is blockchain and has it any use in healthcare? » read more

Chronic Disease Management Programme

Q. Are there any tips to improve the efficiency of my practice with the new Chronic Disease Management Programme? » read more

Chronic disease programme

Q. The new Chronic Disease Programme is coming in 2020. We are worried that our coding of patient's chronic diseases is substandard. How can we improve it and use this to capture our chronic disease patients to optimise reimbursement? » read more


We want to start coding patients who have chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma. What coding system should we use? » read more

Coding โ€“ simple or complex

Q. What coding should I be doing in my practice? » read more

Data Backup (i)

Q. What is the best way to ensure we have a backup of our patient data? » read more

Data migration between software systems

Q. I recently took over a computerised general practice that used a different GP practice software system to mine. Is it possible to migrate patient data to the GP software system I use? » read more

Disease Coding

Q. We would like to begin disease-coding in the practice, initially for clinical audit, with the aim of chronic disease management. What coding or classification system should we use? » read more

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