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09 July 2013
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Q. I recently took over a computerised general practice that used a different GP practice software system to mine. Is it possible to migrate patient data to the GP software system I use?

A. This is a question to put to your current GP practice software vendor. Try to gather as much information as possible before you pose the question. Exactly what is the name and version number of the previous system? Did the previous practice do much local configuration on its system, such as local templates or forms?

All of the accredited GP practice software vendors do data migration for electronic patient records. The process can be easy or difficult, depending on whether established migration scripts exist or whether they have to be developed for a one-off migration.

You may not be able to get everything moved across from the old to the new system. The process is complex and subject to risk. It is well worth being especially careful with repeat prescriptions for patient data that has been migrated.