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IT FAQs - Managing Information

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Disease Registers

Q. How do I set up a disease register on my GP software system? I plan to establish registers for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and heart failure. » read more

Disease coding

Q. Our practice wants to improve our coding of diseases in our GP software system; does GPIT recommend using ICD 10 codes or ICPC-2 code system? » read more

Emerging health technology standards

Q. I am a GP with an interest in health informatics. What health technologies should I become familiar with? » read more

Entering patient demographic information

Q. Is there a standard way to enter patient information on GP practice software systems? » read more

Family health issues

Q. Can you recommend an app to keep up to date with medications and hospital appointments? I have responsibility for this while caring for my elderly parents. » read more


Q. Is it OK to use faxes in general practice? » read more

ICPC2 coding for respiratory disease

Q. Can I use ICPC2 to tag and recall patients with respiratory diseases? » read more

Managing user accounts

Q. What is the best way to manage accounts on the GP Practice Software System for trainee GPs and locums? » read more

Medical card number format change

Q. Are there plans to change medical card (GMS) numbers? » read more

Online backup

Q. Can I use online storage services such as Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive to hold a backup of my electronic patient records? » read more

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