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IT FAQs - Managing Information

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Pass Phrases instead of Passwords?

Q. Is it better to use a pass phrase rather than a password? » read more

Practice research projects

Q. Do I need a patient's consent to enrol them in research projects? » read more

Support staff and confidentiality

Q. Can I configure our GP software system so that the receptionists and secretaries cannot see the medical records? » read more

Text expanders

Q. At the ICGP AGM there was a discussion about a recent medico-legal case involving chickenpox in pregnancy. How can a GP hope to document in their practice software system the advice given during a consultation? » read more

Ultrasound and NIMIS

Q. Is it possible to upload ultrasound images from a GP practice to the HSE NIMIS system? » read more

Ultrasound in general practice

Q. How should ultrasound images be stored in general practice? » read more

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