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IT FAQs - PC Use and Protection

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Checking Backup Systems

Q. How do I know if my backup system is working? » read more

Destroying hard disk drives

Q. Does GPIT have any guidance on what certification a company shredding/wiping hard drives needs to have? » read more

Electrical Storms

Q. We have been advised by our hardware support person to switch off the computers in the practice during lightning/thunder storms. Is this really necessary? What are the risks? » read more

GP Software

Q. Why should I buy a certified general practice software system? » read more

Logins for Locums

Q. We regularly have GP locums working in the practice. How should we manage their access and login to the practice software system? » read more

Microsoft Office 365

Q. I use Microsoft Word and Excel apps on my iPad. Should I consider a subscription to Office 365? » read more

Network Size

Q. We have a practice with five computers on the network where one of the computers acts as the server. Our practice software system is getting slow to respond. Should we upgrade to a separate designated server? » read more

New to computerisation

Q. We are a practice that still has manual files. Time has come for computerisation but we are clueless! Any advice for computer phobics? » read more

Old Uninterruptible Power Supply

Q. I have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the practice server that is years old. How long do they last before they need replacing? » read more

Online backup

Q. Is it a good idea to backup our patient data to an online service? » read more

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