IT FAQs - PC Use and Protection

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Software management system updates

Q. My GP practice software vendor advises me to take automatic updates of their practice software management system. Is this a good idea? » read more

Strong Passwords

Q. How do I create strong passwords? » read more

Typing Skills

Q. My main problem with the practice software system is that I can't type and it takes me ages to enter a consultation note. Any advice? » read more

Use of email

Q. Can I use email to send patient identifiable clinical information? » read more

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Q. I see people using the keyboard to cut and paste text. How do they do this? » read more

Virtual machine

Q. Is it possible to run the Windows operating system and Windows software on a Mac laptop or desktop? » read more

Why Computerise?

Q. I run a single-handed rural practice with three support staff. I use simple manual systems to maintain my patient records and organise recall. Why would I computerise? » read more

Windows 7: End of support

Q. I have heard that Microsoft is closing its support for Windows 7. As most of our practice computers are running on Windows 7, what does this mean for our practice? » read more

Windows XP: End of support

Q. Most of the computers in the practice run Windows XP. I understand this is close to 'end of support'. What does this mean and should I be upgrading my computers? » read more

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