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IT FAQs - Phones

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An eye to the future

Q. With all the medical calculators out there, can you recommend an app that keeps them all in one place? » read more

Battery Life

Q. I have a smartphone, but the battery life is terrible. I charge it up overnight, but by the end of surgery each day there is only about 10% left in the battery. Any advice? » read more

Building medical apps

Q. GPs and software developers frequently come to the GPIT Group with ideas about medical apps they plan to build for smartphones and tablets. There is a standard list of questions that we ask them to consider. Here is the list. » read more

Consent for HSE SMS texts

Q. Some HSE referral forms ask the GP to collect the patient's mobile phone number and consent to send appointment reminders via SMS text. Is this OK? » read more

Distracted Driving

Q. How dangerous is it to use a mobile phone or send a text message while driving? » read more

Health trackers

Q. What impact will consumer health and vital sign monitors have on the delivery of healthcare? » read more

Keeping kids safe on smartphones

Q. How can I keep my kids safe on their electronic devices? » read more

Medical apps and profits

Q. Is putting time and money into writing medical apps for smartphones and tablets a good idea? » read more

Mobile bank card readers

Q. I keep getting caught out during out-of-hours with patients not having cash for consultations and who are surprised there isn't a card reader in the centre, what can I do? » read more

Phone requests

Q. A social worker who I don't know telephones me because of possible child abuse/neglect concerns relating to a child patient of mine. They want to know if I have any concerns about this child, its siblings or parents. How should I respond? » read more

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