New Quality Methods to Improve Patient Care (members only)

A new system for transmitting blood test results electronically, turning a practice into an official research practice and encouraging re-attendance of patients for cervical screening are further examples of quality in practice initiatives being introduced in primary care. The following are the final reports on the many and diverse entries for the 2005 ICGP Quality in Practice initiative competition. » read more

Streamlining Services in the North East (members only)

The following practice initiatives, all from the north east of the country, were entered for the 2005 ICGP quality in practice competition. The six projects outlined below give some idea of the high standard of entry in the competition, in addition to the extent to which GPs, along with health administrators, are making conscious efforts to streamline their practices and improve services delivered to patients. » read more

More Evidence of Quality Initiatives in Practice (members only)

A surgery-based patient library, a roving GP business management service and an in-house practice formulary are further examples of quality in practice initiatives introduced in primary care around the country. » read more

Dealing more Efficiently with Lab Samples (members only)

The ICGP Quality in Practice Committee recently ran a successful quality improvement initiative competition. This, the winning 2005 entry, was submitted by Roisin Doogue. » read more

2005 ICGP Quality Improvement Award: Practices Taking the Initiative to Improve Care (members only)

The recent ICGP quality in practice initiatives competition showed how many practices are streamlining their services with new systems to assist optimal patient care. Practices around the country are undertaking many quality improvement initiatives in order to streamline the service given to patients and to make for easier practice management. » read more