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Caring without limits? Sufferers of Dementia/ Alzheimer's Disease: A study of their Carers Ruddle, Helen Dr.; O'Connor, Joyce Prof.;The Alzheimer Society of Ireland 1994 Print The Alzheimer Society of Ireland
Just a GP: A biography of professor Sir Micheal Drury Hull, Robin 1994 Print Radcliffe Medical Press
Teamwork for Primary and Shared care: A Practical Workbook Pritchard, Peter; Pritchard, James 1994 Print Oxford Medical Press
New Challenges for Public Health Report of an interregional meeting The World Health Organization 1995 Download World Health Organization
Take Good Care of Yourself Growing Older in Ireland Kenny, Geraldine;Eastern Health Board 1995 Print Gill and Macmillan Ltd
The Provision of Emergency Hormonal Contraception Paintin, David (ed);Chamberlain, Geoffrey; Bromham, David; Simmons, Stanley 1995 Print RCOG Press
Professional Education for General Practice Havelock, Peter; Hasler, John; Flew, Richard; McIntyre, Donald; Schofield, Theo; Toby, John;Oxford General Practice Series 1995 Print Oxford University Press
European Code against Cancer a booklet for General Practitioners Europe against Cancer programme 1995 Weblink Print & Micrographic Services 3M Health Care Limited
Irish Medical Law Tomkin, David; Hanafin, Patrick 1995 Print Microsoft Press
Treatment Approaches to Alcohol Problems Heather, Nick;World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe 1995 Print World Health Organization
Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases in Elderly People Report of a WHO Study Group World Health Organization 1995 Download World Health Organization
Evidence-based General Practice A Critical Reader Ridsdale, Leone 1995 Print W.B. Saunders Company Ltd
Traveller Health Favier, Mary Dr.; Boland, Michael Dr.;ICGP 1995 Download Irish College of General Practitioners
Positive Leadership: A moral survival manual for the home and office Magee, Mike 1995 Print Spencer books Ltd
Lone Mothers in Ireland A Local Study McCashin, Anthony;Combat Poverty Agency; Byrne, Noreen, Director Parents Alone Resource Centre 1996 Print Oak Tree Press
Nursing Practice Report of a WHO Expert Committee World Health Organization 1996 Download World Health Organization
Research on the Menopause in the 1990's Report of a WHO Scientific Group World Health Organization 1996 Download World Health Organization
Visual Diagnosis Self Tests on the Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy Samsioe, Goran 1996 Print Merit Publishing International
Doctors for Health A WHO global strategy for changing medical education and medical practice for health for all World Health Organization 1996 Download World Health Organization
A Guide for General Practitioners Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists;O'Brien, Anne (MISCP) 1996 Print Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

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