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The Paediatric Component of Vocational Training for General Practice The Royal College of General Practitioners; British Paediatric Association;Styles, Bill 1993 Print The Royal College of General Practitioners/ British Paediatric Association
Palliative Medicine Content of Vocational Training for General Practice The Royal College of General Practitioners; Association for Palliative Medicine;Styles, Bill 1993 Print The Royal College of General Practitioners/ Association for Palliative Medicine
Partnerships: Can We Talk? Royal College of General Practitioners;MSD Foundation 1993 Audio - Visual Royal College of General Practitioners
Health Care and General Practice Across Europe Boerma, Wienke G.W.; de Jong, Frans A.J.M; Mulder, Peter H.;NIVEL, Dutch college of General Practitioners 1993 Print Dutch College of General Practitioners/ nhg
Family Care of Dependent Older People in the European Community European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions 1993 Print BMS Publications Ltd.
Essentials of Sports Medicine: Second edition McLathchie, G.R;Davies, J.E 1993 Print Churchill Livingstone
Understanding Organizations Handy, Charles 1993 Print Penguin Books
Emergencies in General Practice Moulds, A.J. Dr.; Bouchier-Hayes, T.A.I; Martin, P.B. Dr. 1993 Print Kluwer Academic Publishers
Feeling Tired All the Time Fitzgibbon, Joe Dr. 1993 Print Newleaf
Risk, Health and the Consumer 1. Prudence or Hysteria? The Currrent Preoccupation with Risks to Health 2. The New Consumerism and the Exploitation of Risk McCormick, James; Anderson, Digby;The Social Affairs Unit 1992 Print The Social Affairs Unit
Inside Organizations 21 Ideas for Managers Handy, Charles 1992 Print BBC Books
Health Service Quality An introduction to quality methods for Health Services Ovretveit, John;Townsend, Christina 1992 Print Blackwell Scientific Publications
Oral Contraceptives and Neoplasia World Health Organization 1992 Print World Health Organization
Managing Change in Education; Individual and Organizational Perspectives: Bennett, Nigel; Crawford, Megan; Riched, Colin;The Open University 1992 Print Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd
A Dictionary of Medical and Surgical Syndromes Gibson, J.; Potparic, O. 1992 Print The Parthenon Publishing Group
The Future of General Practice in Europe UEMO 1992 Print UEMO
Rational Pharmacotherapy in General Practice Opportunities and Limitations Kochen, Michael M. 1991 Print Springer-Verlag
Progress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Studd, John (ed) 1991 Print Churchill Livingstone Medical Division of Longman Group UK Limited
Motivational Interviewing Preparing People to Change Addictive Behaviour Miller, William R.; Rollnick, Stephen 1991 Print The Guilford Press
Improving the Experience Good Practice in Senior House Officer Training First report on local initiatives Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical Education 1991 Print Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical Education

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