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Title Author Year Format Publisher
Clincial Method: A General Practice Approach Fraser, Robin C.;Marinker, Marshall 1987 Print Butterworth Ltd
International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) Lamberts, Henk; Wood, Maurice;WONCA 1987 Print Oxford University Press
Response of the irish Division, Royal College of Psychiatrists to "Psychiatric Services - Planning for the future" Royal College of Psychiatrists;E. Merick Ltd. 1986 Print Royal College of Psychiatrists
Investigating Practices in Health Manpower Planning Report on a country case study World Health Organization 1986 Print World Health Organization
Course Design A Guide to Curriculum Development for Teachers Posner, George J.; Rudnitsky, Alan N. 1986 Print Longman Group UK Limited
Quality Improvement By Quality Assessment In General Practice The New Leeuwenhorst Group 1986 Download Janssen Pharmaceutica
Sociology as Applied to Medicine Patrick, Donald l.; Scambler, Graham;Jeffreys, Margot 1986 Print Baillière Tindall
Health: The foundations for achievement Seedhouse, David 1986 Print John Wiley & Sons
Fools & Mad: A history of the insane in Ireland Robins, Joseph 1986 Print Brough, Cox and Dunn Limited
In Pursuit of Quality: Approaches to performance review in General Practice Pendleton, David; Schofield, Theo; Markiner, Marshall 1986 Print Royal College of General Practitioners
An Introduction to the Psychotherapies: Second Edition Bloch, Sidney 1986 Print Oxford University Press
Long-term Institutional Care The Medical Aspects- a discussion document Comhairle na n-Ospidéal 1985 Weblink Comhairle na n-Ospidéal
Irish Medical Care Resources : An Economic Analysis Tussing, Dale A.;The Economic and Social Research Institute 1985 Weblink The Economic and Social Research Institute
Targets for health for All WHO 1985 Download World Health Organization
Statistics in Practice: Statistics in Question and Statistics and Ethics in Medical Research Gore, Sheila M.; Altman, Douglas G. 1985 Print British Medical Journal
Irish Medical Care Resources: An Economic Analysis Tussing, Dale 1985 Weblink The Economic and Social Research Institute
Medical Manpower in Ireland The Postgraduate Medical and Dental Board 1984 Print The Postgraduate Medical and Dental Board
The Psychiatric Services - Planning for the Future Report of a Study Group on the Development of the Psychiatric Services Trant, Shaun; Campbell, Fergus; Carroll, Anthony G.; Daly, Bob; Devitt, Donal; Hynes, Martin; McQuillan, Peter; O'Boyle, Jum; O'Sullivan, Ronnie; Owens, John; Walsh, Dermot; Spillane, Frances;Desmond, Barry 1984 Weblink The Stationary Office
Report of the Working Party on the General Medical Service The Working Party;Desmond, Barry 1984 Weblink The Stationary Office
Health in Rural Ireland A Study of Selected Aspects Foster, Robert;Crawley. Henry P. 1984 Weblink Health Education Bureau/ North Western Health Board

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