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Title Author Year Format Publisher
Targets for health for All WHO 1985 Download World Health Organization
Statistics in Practice: Statistics in Question and Statistics and Ethics in Medical Research Gore, Sheila M.; Altman, Douglas G. 1985 Print British Medical Journal
Irish Medical Care Resources: An Economic Analysis Tussing, Dale 1985 Weblink The Economic and Social Research Institute
Medical Manpower in Ireland The Postgraduate Medical and Dental Board 1984 Print The Postgraduate Medical and Dental Board
The Psychiatric Services - Planning for the Future Report of a Study Group on the Development of the Psychiatric Services Trant, Shaun; Campbell, Fergus; Carroll, Anthony G.; Daly, Bob; Devitt, Donal; Hynes, Martin; McQuillan, Peter; O'Boyle, Jum; O'Sullivan, Ronnie; Owens, John; Walsh, Dermot; Spillane, Frances;Desmond, Barry 1984 Weblink The Stationary Office
Report of the Working Party on the General Medical Service The Working Party;Desmond, Barry 1984 Weblink The Stationary Office
Health in Rural Ireland A Study of Selected Aspects Foster, Robert;Crawley. Henry P. 1984 Weblink Health Education Bureau/ North Western Health Board
Will Pickles of Wensleydale The life of a Country Doctor Pemberton, John;Pereira Gray, Denis; Hunt, John H. 1984 Print Royal College of General Practitioners
Primary Health care in Undergraduate Medical Education Report on a WHO meeting World Health Organization 1983 Print World Health Organization
Common Diseases their Nature Incidence and Care Fry, John 1983 Print MTP Press Limited
Milestones The Diary of a Trainee GP Stott, Peter 1983 Print Royal College of General Practitioners
Guidelines on the Identification and Management of Non-Accidental Injury to Children Department of Health 1983 Weblink Department of Health
Tumbling Walls: The evolution of a community insitution over 150 years Murphy, Donal A. (ed) 1983 Print Midland Health Board
The Skills of Training Rae, Leslie 1983 Print Gower Business Skills
Unequal Achievement The Irish Experience 1957-1982 Litton, Frank;Institute of Public Administration 1982 Weblink Institute of Public Administration
Topics in Drug Therapy Beeley, Linda Dr.; Herxheimer, Andrew Dr.; Rowntree, Derek Prof. ; Salkind, Malvin Dr.; Beeley, Linda Dr.; Hull, Robin Dr. 1982 Print The Open University
To Heal or to Harm The Prevention of Somatic Fixation in General Practice Grol, Richard (ed);Pereira Gray, Denis; Huygen, Frans 1981 Print Royal College of General Practitioners
A Textbook of Family Medicine McWhinney, Ian R 1981 Print Oxford University Press
Consultant Manpower Projection up to 1981 Comhairle na n-Ospidéal 1981 Weblink Comhairle na n-Ospidéal
An Introduction to Family Medicine Mc Whinney, Ian R. 1981 Print Oxford University Press

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