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The Trainee who is subject to a complaint: National Trainers Conference 2017 Bates, Mel 2017 Presentation
ICGP submission to the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment: Irish general practice perspective on crisis pregnancy, focusing on the health of the woman, with no distinction drawn between physical and mental health ICGP 2017 Download
Registrars Working in Situations Remote from the Training Practice (e.g. Satellite Surgeries and Nursing Homes) ICGP;PGTC 2017 Download
The management of chronic pancreatitis in primary care: Quick Reference Guide Ni Chonchubhair, Hazel; O'Shea, Brendan; Duggan, Sinead; Conlon, Kevin; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee 2017 Download
ICGP Policy on support of a trainee who is under review by the Medical Council ICGP 2017 Download
How to teach your trainee clinical reasoning: National Trainers Conference 2017 Walkin, Scott 2017 Presentation
Keynote: "Guiding the GP Registrar in multi-ethnic GP care": National Trainers Conference 2017 MacFarlane, Anne Prof. 2017 Presentation
Presentation of Latest Good Ideas from the Trainer's Workshops: National Trainers Conference 2017 Bothwell, Ian; O'Dwyer, John; Wheeler, Gerry; Rochford, Sheila 2017 Presentation
Giving feedback to the trainee - best practice: National Trainers Conference 2017 Rochford, Sheila 2017 Presentation
Drug Policy in Ireland - What does the future hold? Substance Misuse Conference 2017 Keenan, Eamonn 2017 Presentation
Effective Pain Management and the Problematic Use of Painkillers: Substance Misuse Conference 2017 Stannard, Cathy 2017 Presentation
Hot topics in Addiction: to include updates on synthetic cannabinoids, chem-sex, internet access to drugs, Hepatitis C: Substance Misuse Conference 2017 Crowley, Des 2017 Presentation
The trolley count - how does alcohol and drug misuse add to the numbers: Substance Misuse Conference 2017 Hickey, Fergal 2017 Presentation
ICGP Policy on Educational Leave ICGP; PGTC 2017 Download
HCAI/AMR Newsletter September 2017: What we as GPs can do to help keep antibiotics effective for future generations O'Connor, Nuala Dr. 2017 Download
Patient Safety: Safer Better Care: ICGP NGPT 2017 Brennan, John Dr. 2017 Presentation
How to get the best for you when setting up as a GP - Looking at all the options when starting off from Locum to Principle: ICGP NGPT 2017 Goonewardena, Rukshan Dr. 2017 Presentation
Policy on Inter-Scheme Transfers ICGP 2017 Download
HCAI/AMR Newsletter June 2017: Practical guidance for primary care teams on caring for patients with antibiotic resistant bacteria with an emphasis on those that live in the bowel O'Connor, Nuala Dr. 2017 Download
ICGP Policy Trainee with a Disability ICGP 2017 Download

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