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Peer Support for Past and Potential Incidents in the Practice: ICGP AGM 2019 Rochfort, Andree Dr.; Kinlen, Deirdre Dr.; McWeeney, Monica Dr. 2019 Presentation
Promoting the Physical Health of Patients with Enduring Mental Illness Collins, Claire; Larkin, James; Pericin, Ivana; HSE 2019 Download
Sample Audit: Cardiovascular Disease Cox, John Dr.; O'Mahony, Maria Dr. 2019 Download
Sample Audit: Haemochromatosis O'Mahony, Maria Dr. 2019 Download
Sample Audit: Influenza Vaccination Collins, Claire Dr. 2019 Download
Non-clinical Sample Audit: Applying the principles of audit to the process of writing, updating or reviewing a clinical care guideline Collins, Claire Dr. 2019 Download
Sample Audit: Sexually Transmitted Infections Daly, Miriam Dr.; Collins, Claire Dr. 2019 Download
Sample Audit: Warfarin Anticoagulation in General Practice O'Shea, Marie T..; Collins, Claire Dr. 2019 Download
Sample Audit: Methotrexate in General Practice Audit ICGP Professional Competence Audit Sub-Committee; Quinlan, Diarmuid Dr.; Ryan, Paul Dr. 2019 Download
Bringing the Curriculum Alive: GP Trainee Induction 2019 Fenlon, Nick 2019 Presentation
Network of GP Trainees: GP Trainee Induction 2019 Lambe, Ciara 2019 Presentation
Research Awards: Characterising patient complaints in out-of-hours general practice a retrospective cohort study in Ireland: ICGP AGM 2019 Wallace, Emma Dr. 2019 Presentation
Research Awards: Barriers to progressing through a methadone maintenance treatment programme: perspectives of the clients in the Mid-West of Ireland's drug and alcohol services: ICGP AGM 2019 Moran, Lisa Dr. 2019 Presentation
Research Awards: Cryosurgery for basal cell carcinomas treated in primary care: ICGP AGM 2019 Buckley, David Dr. 2019 Presentation
Headaches: ICGP AGM 2019 Kearney, Mary Dr. 2019 Presentation
Need to know IT for GPs in 2019 - Diabetes Cycle of Care data returns: ICGP AGM 2019 Sweeney, John Dr.; O'Shea, Conor Dr. 2019 Presentation
Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents: ICGP AGM 2019 Hayes, Mary 2019 Presentation
A guide to clinical audit of dementia care in general practice: a guide McLoughlin, K.; Thackeray, K.; Jennings, A.; Boyle, S.; Foley, T. 2019 Download
Guidance for Improving the Care of People with Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) in the Residential Care Home Setting: Quick Reference Guide Ryan, Paul; Meade, Brian; Jennings, Aisling; Swanwick, Greg; O'Reilly, Zita; O'Shea, Brendan; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee 2019 Download
Cardiovascular Session - Five Things You Should Know: Case Finding, Diagnosis & Management of Uncomplicated AF: ICGP AGM 2019 Quinlan, Diarmuid Dr. 2019 Presentation

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