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Emergencies in General Practice

Author: Moulds, A.J. Dr.; Bouchier-Hayes, T.A.I; Martin, P.B. Dr.

Publication Year: 1993


1. Emergencies in Practice
2. Answering the telephone
3. The doctor's bag
4. Paediatric emergencies
5. Cardiovascular emergencies
6. Dermatological emergencies
7. Endocrine emergencies
8. ENT emergencies
9. Eye emergencies
10. Forensic emergencies
11. Gastrointestinal emergencies
12. Musculoskeletal emergencies
13. Neurological emergencies
14. Obstetric and gynaecological emergencies
15. Psychosocial emergencies
16. Respiratory emergencies
17. Urogenital emergencies

Format Print
Keywords accident and emergency care, accident and emergency departments, accident and emergency initial assessment, accident and emergency nursing, emergencies, emergency health services, emergency manuals, emergency medical units, emergency nurse practitioners, emergency nursing, emergency services, emergency surgery, emergency transport services, emergency treatment, mechanical ventilation, hospital emergency services, patient emergency management
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Classification emergencies
Edition third
ISBN 0792388313
Pages 215
Categories: Books
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