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Manual of Pediatric Therapeutics: Fifth edition

Author: Department of Medicine

Publication Year: 1994


1. General Care of the patient
2. Well child care
3. Acute care
4. Poisoning
5. Management of the normal newborn
6. Management of the sick newborn
7. Fluid and electrolytes
8. Renal disorders
9. Cardiac disorders
10. Gastroenterology
11. Disorders of the endocrine system
12. Prepubertal and adolescent gynecology
13. Metabolic diseases
14. Antibiotics and infectious disorders
15. Parasitic infections
16. Hematologic disorders
17. Allergic disorders and immunodeficiency
18. Inflammatory disorders
19. Neurology
20. Behaviour

Format Print
Keywords care, ante natal care, behaviour disorders, child care, disorders, special care, terminal care, therapeutic communities, infant care, neurology, patient care
Publisher Department of medicine
Classification therapeutic communities
Edition fifth
ISBN 0316141178
Series Manual of Pediatric Therapeutics
Pages 691
Categories: Books
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