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Statistics in Practice: Statistics in Question and Statistics and Ethics in Medical Research

Author: Gore, Sheila M.; Altman, Douglas G.

Publication Year: 1985


Statistics and Ethics in Medical Research
1. Misuse of statistics is unethical
2. Study design
3. How large a sample?
4. Collecting and screening data
5. Analysing data
6. Presentation of results
7. Interpretating results
8. Improving the quality of statistics in medical journals

Statistics in Question
Assessing Clinical trials
1. First steps
2. Trial size
3. Design I
4. Design II
5. Why randomise?
6. Simple randomisation
7. Restricted randomisation
8. Between-observer variation
9. Double-blind trials
10. Trial discipline
11. Record sheets
12. Protocol and monitoring
13. Rash adventures

Assessing methods
14. Descriptive statistics and graphs
15. Transforming the data
16. Art of significance testing
17. Confidence intervals
18. Recognising linearity
19. Initial impressions
20. Survival
21. Many variables
22. Critical comment
23. Statistical distributions


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Keywords birth statistics, registration [vital statistics], vital statistics, descriptive statistics, statistics, statistics presentation, financial statistics, health statistics
Publisher British Medical Journal
Classification statistics
ISBN 0727900854
Pages 100
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