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Paediatric Algorithms: ICGP AGM 2013

Author: Osborne, Brian Dr.

Publication Year: 2013


Acute Otitis Media Algorithm
Fever in Young Children Algorithm
The Limping Child Algorithm
Urinary Tract Infection Algorithm
Food Allergies in Children Algorithm
Acute Bronchiolitis Algorithm
Acute Gastroenteritis Algorithm
Allergic Rhinitis Algorithm
Atopic Eczema Algorithm
Bow Legs/ Knock Knees/ In-toeing Algorithm
Childhood Asthma Algorithm
Childhood Pneumonia Algorithm
Colic in infancy Algorithm
Constipation/Retentive Soiling Algorithm
Fits, Faints and Funny Turns Algorithm [Epilepsy]
Gastrooesphageal Reflux Algorithm
Headaches in Children Algorithm
Noctural enuresis Algorithm
The Short Child Algorithm
The Six Week Check Algorithm
The Child with a Heart Murmur Algorithm
The Hyperactive Child Algorithm
The Overweight/Obese Child Algorithm


These algorithms were written by the National Paediatric and Neonatology Clinical Programmes and presented at the ICGP AGM 2013. They are aimed at medical, nursing and allied health professionals working in both primary and emergency care settings.

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Keywords paediatrics, children, algorithms
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