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Guidelines for the Recognition of Educational Activity for External Continuing Professional Development

Author: ICGP

Publication Year: 2016


1. Background
2. What does the term ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD) mean?
3. What activity requires recognition for external CPD?
(a) Activity organised in Ireland
(b) Activity organised outside Ireland
(c) Multidisciplinary activity
4. Activities which may not be recognised for external CPD
5. What activities do not require CPD recognition?
(a) Internal category
(b) Personal/research and teaching categories
(c) Courses leading to MSc or similar certification
6. Application process for external CPD recognition
(a) Preparing the application
(b) Application fee
(c) Promotion of the event
(d) Procedure for approval
(e) Documentation
(f) Appeals
7. FAQs
8. Glossary/Terms

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Keywords continuing education, general practice, medical education
Publisher Irish College of General Practitioners
Classification continuing education
Pages 11
Categories: Irish Content, ICGP Resources
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