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Schedule of Fees and Allowances Payable to Doctors Participating in the General Medical Services Scheme and other Community Schemes

Author: HSE Finance Shared Services Primary Care Reimbursement Service

Publication Year: 2008


Section 1. Fees and allowances payable under captitation agreement
Section 2. Fees and allowances payable under fee per item agreement
Section 3. Fees payable to general practitioners in respect of the National Primary Childhood Immunisation Programme and Meningococcal C Immunisations
Section 4. Fees payable to Doctors who participate in the Health (Amendment) Act, 1996 Scheme
Section 5. Fees payable to Doctors who participate in the Methadone Treatment Scheme


Primary Care Contractor Handbooks are available to provide an overview of the various schemes supported by the PCRS, information on administrative arrangements for payments, and general information relevant to Primary Care Contractors.

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Keywords general practice management, finance, general practice
Publisher HSE
Classification general practice management
Alternative Title PCRS Doctors Schedule of Fees
Pages 12
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