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Tumbling Walls: The evolution of a community insitution over 150 years

Author: Murphy, Donal A. (ed)

Publication Year: 1983


Editor's Preface
Part one: Old tims
The town that was in it
The advent of the district mental hospital system
A long half-century, 1832-1885
From minute to minute, 1886- 1905
Pendulum slowly swinging, 1906-1952
Inside stories

Part 2: Modern times 1952-1982 and onwards
An R.M.S remembers
A matron remembers
An administrator remembers
Head nurses remember
Nurse training
The farm
Bringing it up to date
The future

Part 3: Down fifteen decades
Changing terms in psychiatry
A slice of time/county Offaly
Jetting from the future to the past

Format Print
Keywords professional development, development, economic development, research and development, local history, nursing health history, nursing history, medical history, history, hospital history, human development
Publisher Midland Health Board
Classification hospital history
ISBN 0946327009
Pages 105
Categories: Irish Content, Books
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