A picture of general practice research in Ireland 2010-2011 - Through research and audit activity

Author: Collins, C.;ICGP Research and Library Services

Publication Year: 2012


Abstracts Submitted
Health Promotion
Lifestyle Factors
Mental Health
Nutrition and Related Areas
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Palliative Care
Practice Management
Urinary Tract Infection
Listing of Research from Other Sources
Projects approved for funding under the ICGP Research and Education Foundation Grant Scheme 2010-2011
Projects approved to access the ICGP membership database 2010-2011
ICGP Research Ethics approved projects 2010 and 2011
ICGP Research and Audit Conference Oral Presentations 2010 and 2011
ICGP Research and Audit Conference Poster Presentations 2010 and 2011


This ICGP publication provides a picture of general practice in Ireland through research and audit activity.

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Keywords research, general practice
Publisher Irish College of General Practitioners
Classification research
Pages 87
Categories: ICGP Resources
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