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Strategy to prevent falls and fractures in Ireland's Ageing Population: report on the prevention of falls in older people and the prevention and management of osteoporosis throughout life

Author: HSE;National Council on Ageing Population and Older People;Department of Health & Children

Publication Year: 2008


List of Appendices and Technical Reports
Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Demography in Ireland
3. Scale of the Problem of Fall Related Injuries in Ireland
4. Economic Burden
5. Risk Factors for Falls and Fractures
5(a) The Risks of Falling
5(b) The Risks of Fracture
6. Current Services for Falls and Fracture Prevention
6(a) Current Services - Falls
6(b) Current Services - Fracture Prevention
7. Best Practice Guidelines to Prevent and Manage Falls and Fractures in an Ageing Population
7(a) Best Practice Guidelines to Prevent and Manage Falls in Older People
7(b) Best Practice Guidelines to Prevent and Manage Osteoporosis and Fractures
8. Strategy and Implementation

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Keywords falls, fractures, older people, osteoporosis
Publisher HSE
Classification older people
ISBN 9781906218126
Pages 170
Categories: Reports, Irish Content
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