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In Pursuit of Quality: Approaches to performance review in General Practice

Author: Pendleton, David; Schofield, Theo; Markiner, Marshall

Publication Year: 1986



Part 1
1. Performance
2. Managing innovation in general practice
3. Performance indicators in the National Health Service
4. Approaches to performance review: A review
5. Performance review in other European countries
6. Performance review: One doctor's experience
7. Terminology of performance review

Part 2
8. List size, standards amd performance in general practice: a pilot study
9. Variations in process in primary care
10. Performances review in peer groups
11. The New College course
12. The use of practice activity analysis for performance review
13. Educational development and evaluative research in the Northern Region

14. "What sort of doctor?"
15. Impressions of a journey in Britain (including comments)

Format Print
Keywords quality of nursing practice, quality of patient care, quality, quality assurance, quality control, quality of nursing
Publisher Royal College of General Practitioners
Classification quality
ISBN 850841089
Pages 185
Categories: Books
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