ICGP Curriculum for GP Training in Ireland

Author: ICGP

Publication Year: 2018



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Non- Clinical Chapters:

1. Personal and Professional Development
2. Communication in the Consultation
3. Practice Management
4. Patient Safety and Quality of Care
5. Evidence Based Practice, Critical Thinking and Research

Clinical Chapters:

6. Cardiovascular Health
7. Digestive Health
8. Renal Health
9. Respiratory Health
10. Neurology
11. Musculoskeletal Health
12. Endocrine Medicine
13. Care of People with Skin Problems
14. Surgery
15. Woman Specific Health
16. Man Specific Health
17. Child Health
18. Adolescent Health
19. Older person’s Health
20. Sexual Health
21. Genetic Health
22. Infectious Disease and Travel Health
23. Social Health
24. Mental Health
25. Drugs and Alcohol Misuse
26. End of Life Care
27. Ent/oral and Facial problems
28. Eye Problems
29. Pain Management
30a. Care of People with Physical Disability
30b. Care of People with Intellectual Disability
31. Health promotion
32. Multicultural health
33. Acute Care and Out of Hours

1. Curriculum Document Mapped for Assessment
2. Mapping Core Domains of General Practice to Medical Council Domains of Professional Practice
3. Terms and Conditions of Resources and References

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