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Family Care of Dependent Older People in the European Community

Author: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

Publication Year: 1993


General context
Demographic context
Changes in family structure
Assessment of dependance
Services for the elderly people and family carers

Caring and carers
Who are the carers?
Decisions - Motivations - Limits
The Effects of Time
Carers in paid employment
The burden of caring
Care for carers
Positive aspects
projects - the Future

Policy aspects and recommendations: Caring for the Carers
The general problem welfare
Main characteristics of current policies - convergence and divergences
Polices on caring for carers - between utopia and the first practical implementations
Recommendations for a policy in favour of the family carer


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Keywords care, care assistants, carers, access to health care, european community, european directives, older patients, older people
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