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The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals think in Action

Author: Schon, Donald A.

Publication Year: 1991


Part I: Professional knowledge and reflection-in-action
1. The crisis of confidence in professional knowledge
2. From technical rationality to reflection-in-action

Part II - Professional contexts for reflection-in-action
3. Design as a relective conversation with the situation
4. Psychotherapy: The patient as a universe of one
5. The structure of reflection-in-action
6. Reflective practice in the science-based professions
7. Town planning: Limits to reflection-in-action
8. The art of managing: Reflection-in-action
9. Patterns and limits of reflection-in-action Across the professions

Part III - Conclusion
10. Implications for the professions and their place in society


Format Print
Keywords estate management, educational management, general practice management, facilities management, financial management, health service financial management, health service management, health service managers, health service personnel management, health services mismanagement
Publisher Ashgate Arena
Classification general practice management
ISBN 1857423194
Pages 374
Categories: Books
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