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Diagnosis and management of uncomplicated Type 2 Diabetes in Adults (T2DM): A succinct practical guide for Irish General Practice: Quick Reference Guide

Author: Quinlan, Diarmuid Dr.;ICGP Quality and Safety in Practice Committee

Publication Year: 2019


List of Abbreviations
Key Objectives
Section 1: Prediabetes and Diabetes
Section 2: Principles of Diabetes Care in General Practice
Section 3: Structured Care for People with Uncomplicated T2DM
Section 4: Managing Glycaemia in People with Uncomplicated T2DM
Section 4.1: Glucose-lowering Drug Therapy
Section 4.2: Firstline Medication for T2DM: ‘Metformin for Everyone’
Section 4.3: Second- and Third-line Medications in Uncomplicated T2DM
Section 4.4: Patient Safety Considerations with Glucose-lowering Medications
Section 5: Management of Hypertension in Uncomplicated T2DM
Section 5.1: Antihypertensive Treatment Strategy for People with Uncomplicated T2DM
Section 6: Lipid Management in People with T2DM
Section 7: Anti-platelet Therapy in T2DM
Section 8: Retinopathy and Foot Disease in People with T2DM
Section 8.1: Examination of Foot in T2DM
Section 8.2: Examine Skin, Nails and Foot Structure
Section 8.3: Stratify the Diabetic Foot
Section 9: “Saving Eyes”: Diabetic Retinopathy
Section 10: “Think Kidneys”: Diabetes and Kidney Disease (Chronic and Acute Kidney Injury)
Section 10.1: CKD in General Practice: 4 Key Goals
Section 10.2: Patient Safety in CKD and potentially nephrotoxic medication
Section 11: Diabetes and Heart Failure (HF)
Section 12: Diabetic Neuropathy: Peripheral and Autonomic
Section 12.1: Autonomic Neuropathy
Section 12.2: Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Section 12.3: Diagnosis of DPN
Section 12.4: Management of Painful DPN
Section 12.5: Erectile Dysfunction in Men with T2DM
Section 13: Diabetes and Mental Health
Section 14: General practice, HSE and the “Structured management of Chronic disease programme”
Section 15: Audit: Quality of Care in T2DM
Appendix 1: Monofilament Test


ICGP Quick Reference Guide

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