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Prescribing in Primary Care

Author: Hobbs, Richard; Bradley, Colin

Publication Year: 1988


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1. Attempts to influence prescribing in the UK
2. National and international patterns of drug use
3. The development of new drugs
4. Licensing and marketing of drugs
5. How doctors choose drugs
6. Approaches to rational prescribing
7. Health economics and prescribing
8. Impact of the UK healthcare reforms on prescribing
9. Responding to changing healthcare systems: adapting prescribing in the new NHS
10. Non-prescription or over-the-counter medicines and the role of the pharmacist
11. Prescribing a complementary therapy; an introduction to homoeopathy
12. The future of prescribing in medicine

Format Print
Keywords prescription writing, psychopharmacology, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical services, pharmacists, pharmacodynamics, pharmacology, pharmacopoeias, drugs, nurse prescribing
Publisher Oxford University Press
Classification pharmacists
Volume 42
ISBN 0192626876
Series Oxford General Practice
Pages 208
Categories: Books
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