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Motivational Interviewing Preparing People to Change Addictive Behaviour

Author: Miller, William R.; Rollnick, Stephen

Publication Year: 1991


The atmosphere of change
What motivates people to change?
Brief intervention: More pieces of the puzzle
Principles of motivational interviewing
Building motivation for change
Using assessment results
Dealing with resistance
Strengthening commitment to change
Typical and difficult situations
A practical case example
Teaching motivational interviewing
Motivational interviewing and the stages of change
Brief motivational interviewing for use by the nonspeacialist
Motivational interviewing: perspectives from the netherlands with particular emphasis on heroin-dependent clients
Motivational counselling with alcoholic couples
Reinforcing robust resolutions: motivation in relapse prevention with severly dependent problem drinkers
Motivational interviewing with young people
Alcohol use and goal hierarchies: systematic motivational counselling for alcoholics
Dealing with alcohol problems in the community
Motivational intervention with heroin users attending a methadone clinic
Motivational interviewing for HIV risk reduction
Motivational intervention in the treatment of sex offenders
Motivational interviewing and the maintenance of change

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