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To Heal or to Harm The Prevention of Somatic Fixation in General Practice

Author: Grol, Richard (ed);Pereira Gray, Denis; Huygen, Frans

Publication Year: 1981


A theory of somatic fixation
The general practitioner - a patient cycle
The contibution of a general practitioner and patient to somatic fixation
Processes of somatic fixation in the interaction between patient and general practitioner
Signals of processes of somatic fixation
A sytematic approach
Managing the doctor-patient relationship
Somatic treatment by the general practitioner
Psychosocial action by the general practitioner
Record keeping as an aid in the prevention of somatic fixation
Somatic fixation in a wider social perspective

Format Print
Keywords psychosomatic disorders
Publisher Royal College of General Practitioners
Classification psychosomatic disorders
Edition First
ISBN 850-841-28-3
Pages 160
Categories: Books
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