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Living with Hepatitis C Information about Hepatitis C for people with the virus, their family and friends

Author: Department of Health and Children; Consultative Council on Hepatitis C



Hepatitis C virus infection
What is the Hepatitis C virus?
How serious is Hepatitis C?
What are the symptoms of Hepatitis C?
Natural history of Hepatitis C virus infection
Why are some people more affected then others?
How is Hepatitis C passed from one person to another?
Prevention of spread of Hepatitis C
Be careful - about your own and other people's blood
Be careful - about your own and other people's personal items
General advice on sexual activity
Social contact does not spread Hepatitis C
What health services are available for people with Hepatitis C?
Tests for Hepatitis C
Liver biopsy
Treatment of Hepatitis C
Alternative medicines and approaches
Liver transplant
Helping yourself
Support groups
Deciding to take the test
Deciding to test your children
Further information on Hepatitis C
Support group addresses
Liasion officers in the health boards
Drug treatment centres

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