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The Public Health Approach to Dying, Death and Bereavement: An Irish Hospice Foundation Discussion Paper

Author: Irish Hospice Foundation

Publication Year: 2019


Introduction: ‘Describing the Elephant’
Why a public health approach, and why now?
Challenges: The Public Health and Palliative-Care Conundrum
What would be helpful at this point?
Arguments for a Public Health Approach
Aspects of a Model
Policy Context in Ireland
Future Direction
Conclusion: ‘Eating the Elephant’
Appendix 1: A Definition of a Public Health Approach to Palliative Care
Appendix 2: IHF Programmes and the Pillars of the Ottawa Charter
Appendix 3: The People’s Charter on Dying, Death and Bereavement in Ireland

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Keywords death, palliative care, public health
Publisher Irish Hospice Foundation
Classification palliative care
Pages 22
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