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The Pill

Author: Guillebaud, John

Publication Year: 1991


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1. Sex and contraception: yesterday, today and everywhere
2. The Pill: how does it work?
3. The Pill: how do I take it?
4. The Pill: will it make me ill? Disease of the circulation
5. Other effects of the pill
6. The pill in perspective
7. Who for the pill, and which pill for you?
8. The progesteron-only pill
9. The future of family planning: and what became of the male pill?
10. All things considered: shall I take the pill?

100 questions everyone asks about the pill
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World directory of pill names

Format Print
Keywords women's health, contraception, sexual health, oral contraceptives
Publisher Oxford University Press
Classification women's health
ISBN 0192861263
Pages 315
Categories: Books
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