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Essentials of Sports Medicine: Second edition

Author: McLathchie, G.R;Davies, J.E

Publication Year: 1993


1. Sport, society and law
2. Sport and exercise in the prevention and treatment of disease
3. Organization and teaching of sports medicine
4. Women in sport
5. Principles of training
6. Laboratory Assessment of performance
7. Diet in sport
8. The value and limitations of protective equipment
9. General Medical problems in sport
10. Infection in sport
11. Physiotherapy and strapping in injury management
12. Injury in sport
13. Sudden death and injury in selected sports
14. Cold injury
15. Immediate care of the injured
16. General principles of investigation
17. Injuries to the face, teeth and jaws
18. Injuries to the eye and orbit
19. Head injuries
20. Injuries to the Neck and Spine
21. Injuries to the thorax and abdomen
22. The assessment of the acutely injured joint
23. Injuries to the upper limbs
24. Injuries to the pelvis, hip and thigh
25. Injuries to the knee and leg
26. Injuries to the ankle and foot

Format Print
Keywords chest injuries, back injuries, wounds and injuries, spinal cord injuries, sports injuries, upper limb injuries, minor injuries, head injuries, occupational injuries
Publisher Churchill Livingstone
Classification sports injuries
Edition Second
ISBN 0443048746
Series Essentials of Sports Medicine
Pages 356
Categories: Books
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