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Managing Change in Primary Care

Author: Pringle, Mike; Bilkhu, Jas; Dornan, Mike; Head, Steve

Publication Year: 1991


The Business side of General Practice: Editorial Board
1. Introduction to the Management of Change
2. Defining the Situation - Where are you Now?
3. Setting Sights - Where are you Going?
4. Getting Change Started - How are you going to get there? (part 1)
5. Organizing the process of Change - How are you going to get there? (part 2)
6. Completing Change - How did you know when you had arrived?
7. Practice Management

Format Print
Keywords primary care groups, primary care trusts, social change, management of change
Publisher Radcliffe Medical Press
Classification management of change
ISBN 1870905911
Pages 105
Categories: Books
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