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The Methadone Briefing

Author: Pretson, Andrew

Publication Year: 1996


Section 1: The history of methadone and methadone prescribing
Section 2: The research basis for methadone prescribing
Section 3: Methadone manufacture and the preparations available
Section 4: Physiology and pharmacology of methadone
Section 5: Methadone and the law
Section 6: Assessment
Section 7: Treatment aims and treatment choices
Section 8: Getting the starting dose right
Section 9: Methadone detoxification
Section 10: Practical issues in methadone prescribing
Section 11: Prescribing for groups with special needs

Format Print
Keywords prescription writing, methadone, nurse prescribing
Publisher Island Press Ltd.
Classification methadone
ISBN 0952060019
Pages 163
Categories: Books
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