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Chronic Disease Management: a new paradigm for care

Author: McEvoy, Patrick J.

Publication Year: 2014


About the author
Introduction: chronic disease, its natural history and ecology
1. Chronic disease: what's so special about it?
2. The story of chronic disease (the disease complex)
3. The journey through chronic disease (the patient complex)
4. Care of the chronic sick: the community complex
5. The clinical complex: the general practitioner and chronic care
6. A chronic care revolution: service redesign and the policy complex
7. The learning and teaching complex through the chronic disease paradigm
8. Meeting the challenges of chronic care
Appendix 1: A simple integrated chronic disease management paradigm
Appendix 2: The trajectory model of chronic disease
Appendix 3: Modified pyramid of levels of care

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Keywords chronic disease
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Classification chronic disease
ISBN 9781908911568
Pages 341
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