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The Future of General Practice in Europe

Author: UEMO

Publication Year: 1992


UEMO Presidencies 1967-1992
UEMO Heads of delegation, member organizations & Secretariat
Introduction: The doctor by the year 2000: Ten Theses
Belgium: Long-term perspective of general medicine in Belgium
Denmark: The year 2017: A revolution for democracy?
Finland: General Practice in Finland
France: All the world's mornings without return
Germany: General medical practice in Germany
Ireland: General Practice in Ireland
Luxembourg: General practice in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Netherlands: General practitioners behind the Dikes in a Europe without frontiers
Portugal: The Future of general practice
Portugal: General practice: Quo Vadis
Spain: General Medicine in Spain
United Kingdom: A Distinct system of primary care

Format Print
Keywords european community, european directives
Publisher UEMO
Classification european community
Pages 73
Categories: Irish Content, Books
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