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World Book of Family Medicine - European Edition 2015

Author: WONCA

Publication Year: 2015


Prologue Mehmet Ungan, Carl Steylaerts
1 Patient Empowerment for Patient Self-Management Andrée Rochfort
2 Communicating with Patients Michael Jones
3 Ethical Problems in Family Medicine Manfred Maier
4 Health Consequences of Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse Lucy Candib
5 The Role of Family Medicine in Undergraduate Medical Education Zekeriya Akturk
6 Developing National Curricula for the Education and Training of Family Doctors Jessica Watson
7 Transient Illnesses Ignaas Devisch
8 Cooperation Across the Interface of Primary and Secondary Care Odd Jarle Kvamme
9 Complexity and Primary Care Joachim Sturmberg
10 Motivational Interviewing in Family Medicine Siggy Rausch
11 Quality Circles Adrian Rohrbasser
12 Pathology and Minor Surgery in Primary Care Pieter Buis
13 Developing Research Capacities in Family Medicine: the Croatian Experience Mladenka Vrcic
14 An International Comparison of the Role of the Family Doctor in Different Countries Donatella Sghedoni
15 Tackling Health Inequalities: the Role of Family Medicine William Wong
16 Using the Internet to Answer Clinical Questions Harris Lygidakis
17 Threats to Patient Safety in Primary Care John Sandars
18 Teaching uncertainty Yona Yaphe
19 Home Visits: a Medical Necessity or Simply a Service? Paul Van Royen
20 Promoting the Health and Well-being of Family Doctors Ulrich Busch
21 Prevention and Health Promotion in Clinical Practice Carles Brotons
22 Determinants of Multi-morbidity Marjan van den Akker
23 When Chronic Care Becomes End-of-Life Care: Bridging the Gap
Radost Assenova
24 What is Universal in Primary Care? Challenges for North/South Co-operation. Matie Obazee
25 The New Consultation: The Doctor in the Electronic Age Theo Schofield
26 How to Deliver a Successful Learning Package for Family Medicine Trainees? Jaime Correia de Sousa
27 The Integration of Mental Health into Primary Care: International Perspectives Filippo Zizzo
28 WONCA and the Cochrane Primary Health Care Field Floris A. van de Laar
29 Do you Understand How Your Health System Works? Sietse Wieringa
30 The Transition from CME to CPD – Fostering Good Practice Through Education Francine Lemire
31 Factors Associated with Adherence to Drug Therapy Annika Bardel
32 Improving Practice Questionnaire - A Patient Feedback Tool Michael Greco
33 Health Promotion in European Family Practice Ursula Reichenpfader
34 How the UK Discovered Europe Justin Allen
35 Health Needs Assessment Claire Collins
36 The Balint Experience John Salinsky
37 Environment and Health in Family Medicine Alan Abelsohn
38 Mentoring - a Quality Approach to Professional Development Karen Bentley
39 Pleasures of Doctoring in Family Medicine Andre Matalon
40 Measuring Effectiveness in Family Medicine Teresa Pawlikowska
41 The International Classification of Primary Care: a Success Story Jean Karl Soler
42 Physician Heal Thyself and then the World Janet Christie-Seely
43 Competency in Medical Record-Keeping David Bazzo
44 The Health Needs of Hard to Reach Groups: Do We Know Enough?
Erika Zelko
45 Is There Such a Thing as a Correct Diagnosis in Family Medicine? Tor Anvik
46 Family Medicine Facing the New Challenges at a Global Scale. Jan De Maeseneer
47 The Educational Agenda Esra Saatchi
48 Continuity in Primary Care Francesco Carelli
49 Where Family Medicine Meets Public Health Francois Schellevis
50 Stages of Behavioural Change – a Helpful Concept for Family Doctors?
Norbert Donner-Banzhoff
51 Future and Innovation in Family Medicine Carl Steylaerts
52 Home Care at the Dawn of the 21st Century Elias Papazissis
53 To Travel With Your Profession Is to Live and Learn Per Kallestrup
54 Am I a Good Doctor? Hrvoje Tiljak
55 Evidence-based Primary Care Through Guidelines Marjukka Makela
56 Developing Skills for the Developed World Christos Lionis
57 Gut Feelings as a Guide in the Diagnostic Reasoning of GPs Erik Stolper
58 Family Medicine Miles Program Pablo Blasco
59 Improving the Prescribing of Antimicrobial Drugs in Primary Health Care
Carl Llor
60 Comprehensiveness and Continuity of Care Heinz-Harald Abholz
61 Teaching Cross-Cultural Care Constantinou S. Costas
62 How to Recruit and Select Your Future Colleagues? Monica Lindh
63 Motivate Healthy Habits For Life: Coach Each to Change Rick Botelho
64 An Ideal Training for the Future Career Patterns of Family Medicine
Mark Rickenbach
65 Burn Out and Family Practice Fatma Goksin Cihan
66 Assessing Patient Satisfaction in Primary Health Care Risto Raivo
67 Risk, Uncertainty and Indeterminacy in Clinical Decisions Roger Strand
68 Do Practice Visits Have a Future? Pieter van den Hombergh
69 Contribution of Drugs and Somnolence to Car Accidents with Victims
Paul Moeremans
70 Involve Patients With Doctors in Safety Improvement Isabelle Dupie
71 The Optimal Practice Size Revisited – a Critical Appraisal of a Topical Discussion Chris van Weel
72 Revisiting “Home Visits: Your Practice on the Road” Rita Viegas
73 Re-training of Family Doctors: A EURACT Survey Fusun Yaris
74 Primary Care Based Case-management Tobias Freund
75 How Would Citizens Develop the Health Strategy of Their Country? François Héritier
76 Drafting A Practice Professional Development Plan Alexander Gouveia
77 European Practice Assessment (EPA) Joachim Szecsenyi
78 The Role of The Royal College of General Practitioners (UK) Nigel Mathers
79 From Familygram to Personalised Medical Care Tonka Poplas-Susic
80 The Growth of the Guideline Felicity Goodyear-Smith
81 Developing Culturally Sensitive Services in Primary Care Victoria Tkachenko
82 The MRCGP International - Developing a Truly Contextual Assessment
John Howard
83 Do we Practice what we Preach ? Judit Simon
84 Helping Family Physicians in Managing Families With a Difficult Child
Luc Lefebvre
85 Family Systems Medicine Raluca Zoitanu
86 Assessment of the Professional Attitude of Family Doctors Isabel Santos
87 Family Medicine and Sustainability Giuseppe Maso
88 How to Build an Ideal Healthcare Information System? Ilkka Kunnamo
89 Making Sense of Chronic Disease Merete Jorgensen
90 A Practical Approach To Teaching Medical Students About Community Services Karen Flegg
91 New Technologies to Support Family Doctors Berk Geroglu
92 Patients' Rights and the Views of Family Doctors Maria Dolores Perez
93 About Quaternary Prevention: First, do no harm. Marc Jamoulle
94 War – Terrorism – Ethical Challenges and Family Physician Education
Nazan Karaoglu
95 Parents of a New-born Child with Severe Disabilities Anette Hauskov Graungaard
96 Family Doctors' Career Towards Academic Level: Why
and How Igor Svab
97 A European Observatory for Primary Care Development Robert Glendenning
98 New Era for Clinical Research in Primary Care Knut-Arne Wensaas
99 Family Therapy Skills for Medical Practitioners Radkin Honzák
100 What We Do Richard G Roberts
Epilogue as Prologue Michael Kidd, Job Metsemakers
20 Years of WONCA Europe - Some History


On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of WONCA Europe, WONCA Europe's Executive Board presents a gift to all general practitioners and family physicians all over the world: The World Book of Family Medicine!

The ‘World Book’ is a series of short stories, reflecting the best of what has been presented at WONCA conferences over the last 20 years, but also with views for the future – updated!

The ‘World Book’ has several inspirational aspects. First the topics were chosen from about 20,000 abstracts, After selecting a short list of 275 titles best representing the daily work of a family doctor, from abstracts from conferences of the last 20 years, a panel from WONCA World Executive and WONCA Europe Executive chose the best 100. The authors had to prepare a contribution in 1000 words or less, with five or less take home messages and eight or less references.

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