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Making sense of The New Contract

Author: Chishol, John

Publication Year: 1990


Making Sense of the New Contract: Contributors
The Business Side of General Practice: Editorial Board
1. Independent Contractor Status
2. How General Practitioners' Pay is Determined
3. The General Practitioner's Terms of Service
4. Basic Practice Allowance
5. Additions to the Basic Practice Allowance
6. Associate Allowance
7. Absence from Practice
8. Capitation Fees and Calculation of Lists
9. Deprivation Payments
10. Initial Practice Allowances and Inducement Payments
11. Rural Practice Payments
12. Maternity Medical Services
13. Contraceptive Services
14. Child Health Surveillance Fee
15. Minor Surgery
16. Restricted Services and Limited Lists
17. Registration Fee
18. Health Promotion Clinics
19. Night Visit Fees and Out of Hours Services
20. Temporary Residents
21. Fees for Various Treatments
22. Target Payments
23. Vaccinations and Immunizations
24. Supply of Drugs and Appliances
25. Undergraduate Medical Students
26. The Trainee Practitioner Scheme
27. The Doctors' Retainer Scheme
28. Postgraduate Education Allowance
29. Reimbursement of Rent and Rates
30. Improving Surgery Accommodation
31. Health Centres
32. Practice Staff
33. Computer Costs
34. Transitional Payments scheme
35. Arrangements for Payments
36. Representations to the Secretary of State
37. How the Red Book is Negotiated and Implemented

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