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Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Regulation of the Medical Profession

Author: Merrison, A. W. Dr.

Publication Year: 1975


Appointment and terms of reference
Our manner of working and reporting

Chapter 1: Main principles and problems of regulating the medical profession

Chapter 2: Education and registration
Part A: Education and registration
Part B: The existing system of medical registration and control of education
Part C: What is to be done?
Part D: General aspects of the control of medical education
Part E: The Future Control of Undergraduate Medical Education
Part F: The Emerging Clinician, from Graduate to practitioner
Part G: Specialist Education
Part H: Specialist Registration
Part J: Miscellaneous
Part K: Conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 3: Overseas Doctors
Part A: The nature and scale of the problem
Part B: The present arrangements
Part C: The standards of overseas Doctors
Part D: Our General View
Part E: The GMC's Proposals
Part F: Fitness to Practice controls overseas-trained doctors
Part G: The European Economic Community
Part H: Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 4: Fitness to practice
Part A: The present system of controlling fitness to practice
Part B: Our general approach
Part C: Information on fitness to practice
Part D: Professional Conduct
Part E: The Sick Doctor
Part F: The relationship between the NHS and the GMC in relation to fitness to practice
Part G: Conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 5: Other functions of the GMC
Part A: The establishment of high standards of professional conduct
Part B: Pretending to be a registered medical practitioner
Part C: The Mechanics of registration
Part D: Our principal recommendations in Chapter 5

Chapter 6: The Regulating Body
Part A: Basic principles of composition
Part B: Our detailed structural proposals
Part C: The finance of the GMC
Part D: Conclusions and recommendations

The Implementation of our report
Part A: NHS Control procedures
Part B: Notification to the GMC of doctors convicted of an offence in a court of law
Part C: Control over the possession and supply by doctors of dangerous or otherwise harmful drugs

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