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Health Status of the Population of Ireland 2008

Author: HSE Population Health Directorate

Publication Year: 2009


Executive Summary
List of Tables
List of Figures
Section 1 - Profile of the Population
1.1 The Irish People
1.2 Demography
Section 2 - Health Determinants
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Specific Determinants of Health
2.3 Distribution of Health Determinants in Irish Society
2.4 Commentary
Section 3 - Lifestyle
3.1 General Health
3.2 Healthy Eating
3.3 Body Weight & Weight Control
3.4 Physical Activity
3.5 Smoking
3.6 Alcohol
3.7 Use of Illicit Drugs
3.8 Health-Protective Behaviours
Section 4 - Causes of Death in Ireland
4.1 All-Cause Mortality
4.2 Main Causes of Death
4.3 Infant Mortality
4.4 Years of Potential Life Lost
4.5 Death from Individual Conditions
Section 5 - Causes of Illness in Ireland
5.1 Health
5.2 Illness & Disease
5.3 Acute illness
5.4 Chronic Disease
5.5 Illness in Acute Hospitals
5.6 Individual Conditions
5.7 Communicable Diseases
5.8 Oral Health
5.9 Mental Health
Section 6 - Health Inequalities
6.1 Evidence of Health Inequalities in Ireland
Section 7 - Priorities for Improving the Health & Wellbeing of the Population of Ireland
7.1 Changing the Way Services are Delivered
7.2 Reducing the Risk Factors
Information Sources
Explanation of European Union (EU) Areas
List of Contributors


Health status of one of the key indicators of the progress of a nation. The purpose of this report is to give a picture of the health status of our population and the challenges that need to be met to achieve our health potential.

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